Wasabi Powder is, in theory, a hot-tasting powder made from the dried, ground roots of Wasabi plants. In practice, however, the pure powders made from actual Wasabi roots are quite expensive, so almost all brands are “fake” Wasabi Powder, actually containing powdered horseradish rather than real wasabi roots, with pale green colouring to imitate the wasabi.

wasabi powder wasabi powder

You mix Wasabi Powder with some water to form a pale greenish paste. Add a little water at a time to avoid lumps forming, then let stand a few minutes for the flavour to develop. To get it hotter, once you have made the paste, turn the bowl upside down. The paste sticks to the bottom of the bowl; the developing gasses are trapped, making the wasabi paste hotter.

If you are going to be serving it further away than 15 minutes, definitely cover the bowl, or it will weaken exposed to air.

Having Wasabi Powder on hand can be more convenient than buying the pre-mixed tubes of Wasabi Paste, which have a far shorter shelf-life when opened.

The health benefits of wasabi include providing a reduced risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as anti-inflammatory properties for joints and muscles. It also helps to defend against bacterial infections in the body and mouth, and can even reduce the irritating effects of seasonal allergies. This potent plant can be used to address respiratory problems. Wasabi’s wealth of antioxidants helps to boost the immune system and remove harmful toxins from the body.

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