Have you ever tried the soft pink pickled ginger that often accompanies sushi?  It comes in a little sachet when you buy sushi rolls or at sushi restaurants. The flavour is refreshingly sweet and sour, and it has a pretty light pink colour. It is called “Gari” in Japanese. Maybe you would like to try and make this yourself.

pickled ginger pickled ginger

Pickled ginger is used to ease stomach discomfort, constipation and gas. The anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidant effects of ginger make it a great all-natural stomach aid. It has been linked to improvement in mobility and reduced pain in arthritic joints, too. According to a study from University of Maryland Medical Center, ginger helps prevent blood from clotting, which helps lower and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Pickled ginger has a slightly sweet and tangy taste. It makes a great addition to marinades and sauces and can be used in dressings, too. If you've ever had sushi, you've gotten a healthy helping of pickled ginger on the side. Traditionally, ginger is eaten in between fish courses to improve the culinary experience and to cleanse the palate from food's flavors. A clean palate allows you to taste what is coming next since your taste buds get a chance to reset.

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